Cycling Changed My Life: Andrew Paddison

A documentary commissioned by Global Cycling Network (GCN). 

Still photography and additional cameawork.

Commissioned by Global Cycling Network to be shown on GCN+, this film follows Andrew as he attempts a completely new route, devised by himself, around the Highlands of Scotland. 1,000 miles and 60,000 feet of climbing. The documentary weaves Andrew’s life throughout the challenge, giving us an insight into who he really is, and what drives him (spoiler, he likes to go fast!).

I was primarily assigned to capture still images for three days of the challenge as well as filming a day of training with the team in Wales. In addition to this, I also carried out three interviews with Andrew and travelled down to London to interview Clare and Helen. Finally I also created the challenge maps which were used as a foundation by the GCN team to create the final ones from. 

The film is available to watch on GCN+ globally.

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