The Great Australian Triathlon

The world's first human-powered vertical crossing of Australia.

The Great Australian is an on-going project to document Ben Cianchi's attempt to complete the first documented human-powered vertical crossing of Australia. The journey would cover 650 km of running across the state of Tasmania, 300 km of Kayaking across the Bass Strait and 7000 km of cycling through the mainland of Australia from Wilson's Prom to Cape York.

The documentary will follow Ben and his team as they take on the biggest and most committing challenge of their lives. They are faced with injury, exhaustion, storms and bushfire. Perhaps we will find out what it really takes for normal people to tackle such ambitious challenges!

My role in this project was everything from Director, to camera-person and drone pilot. I am also editing the project. 

This was a partially self-funded project in conjunction with a successful crowdfunding campaign and equipment brand sponsorship. 

*Currently in production.

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